Practicing stillness

I am on of those people that almost always needs to be doing something. Even my partner remarks on how, even on my days off, I struggle to be still, to just sit and do nothing, I get this from my Mama. As stillness is difficult for me, I practice it. I practice it often, daily in fact. This type of practice is called a meditation practice or sitting practice, for some reason I prefer sitting, as sometimes the word meditate makes me feel like I should be doing something, possible because it is a verb. Really when I am sitting, I am just practicing being.

My sitting practice has helped me immensely. It's something that I didn't even realize that I struggled with until I started practicing yoga. In the early stages of my practice I definitely didn't practice sitting, Savasana was hard enough for me. Savasana would come and like most of you in my classes (yes, I sometimes look), I would struggle to lie in stillness, to allow myself the space and time to simply be, to absorb, to digest, to rest. I would be busy thinking about grocery lists, the email that I received, what I was going to eat, what to do with the rest of my day. I was avoiding the quiet, the calm of being.

Even now, at times, I will do my practice and then skip over the most important part - the stillness in Savasana and then I remember how sweet it is to lounge in the after glow of the practice, or simply to lounge because your body is telling you it needs to, that it craves the lounging, the being.

Do yourself a favour, even if you don't sit/meditate. Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes and lay on the ground, the earth (outside is best I find), let yourself be, let yourself breathe and be held. Let go of all the list making, the doing and the going and allow each moment to come to you and leave you following the rhythm of your breath as you drift deeper and deeper towards yourself. Give yourself this gift.

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