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I was listening to a podcast last week where Elizabeth Gilbert was interviewing Brene Brown on the topic of Creativity. In that podcast Brene Brown states: "The unique contribution that we will make in this world will be born of creativity." The statement really struck me. It stuck me because I feel this. I left my job, my career to teach yoga because of this. I continue to move down my own unique path because of this feeling, this sense that I am here to create, to be creative in my own way.

About a year and a half ago I started being drawn to the Goddess Saraswati through I training I was taking. Saraswati, is the Goddess who flows, as language, insight, sound and creativity. I was initially drawn to Saraswati for one reason, because I resonated with the writing aspect of her creative energy, but now I see her creative power in a larger sense. Her strength and power stem from one of the stories associated with how Saraswati came to exist. This story speaks to the creation of the world in which we now live and exist. It is said that Brahma, the creator, felt confused and overwhelmed about how to create the universe and asked himself: "How do I create order out of this chaos?" And from his mouth was born Saraswati and through creative action she created the universe. All the goddesses are linked to creativity as "Shakti" is a creative force, however, Saraswati is the one whose function is to embody the creative flow (Awakening Shakti, Sally Kempton).

In this was, it seems that this seed of creative energy is within each of us, and that it is our life's purpose to access it, to allow it to pour forth, so that we are actively cultivating a life that has meaning that stems from our soul, from our heart. Not taking the easy road, taking the road less travelled. The road that calls to us, so that we creative uniquely as only we can.

Stay true to your path, what ever is calling to you. It is not always easy, in fact it is most often hard. However, in my experience it is so very worthwhile and fulfilling.

I find that that chanting to Saraswati calls in this creative force, this energy:

Om Aim Hrim Saraswatyai Namaha

Om, I bow to the flowing one whose essence is wisdom and the power to manifest

Here is a little video on the Sweaty Creative by Brene Brown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-JXOnFOXQk I hope that you enjoy and that it provides you with a little bit of inspiration on your path.

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