Joy, Love, Light . . . Cheesy?!?

I recently went home to Ontario for about 4 days with my partner. The trip was filled with time in cars, traveling between parents and relatives, but it was really so fun and actually quite relaxing. I was really able to reconnect with my inner sense of spirit, my inner sense of lightness, of love for all things in my life. Love for my family, love for my partner, passion for my life, the things I do, my soul felt re-awakened.

Sometimes, the doing of day to day life can get heavy, no matter how much we love our lives. The routine and the tasks can take over, and we can forget the fullness of our existence, the light the lives within each of us, the love the resides in our hearts. It felt so amazing to reconnect with my inner passion, the ember that resides within. For me this practice of yoga asana, is also a way to reconnect with my own living heart, to dust off the heaviness. It's what brings me back to my mat again and again.

During my visit I also spent some time with my 91 year old Dedushka who is approaching the end of his life cycle. He shared these words of wisdom and I will share them with you as they are a reminder of the foundation, the beginning, the seeds of a full and happy life. He said to honour and respect each other, those with whom you are in relationship with, and to be honest, to speak truth. These are the keys to happiness according to him and I believe that he is correct. We can get wrapped up in the needing, the wanting, the desire to have and to own, to possess things and even people. This is a gentle reminder of what matters most through the eyes of a strong, blue eyed soul who has created much richness in his own life, much abundance.

In yoga these two practices are associated with Yamas, the first limb of yoga, the foundation upon which everything else is built - ahimsa, non-violence or non-harming toward yourself and others and satya, truthfulness or honesty. Let us all practice these two limbs towards ourselves towards those we are in relationship and from that place go forth.

Here is some music to go with the above:

Believe in Me- Blue Solar

Vapour - Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Warm Foothills - Alt-J

We Were in Love - Ta-Ku

Everything About Her - Oisimo

Red - Phoria

Murakami - Made in Heights

Cloud City - Hiatus

Eg Vildi Fegin -

Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears - A Winged Victory for the Sullen

After the End - Oscar Salguero

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