Today, I could have easily lied to myself. Interestingly I was planning on teaching on honesty and Satya – truthfulness, so in the moment when lying to myself was most possible I pulled myself away from the abyss and told myself the truth about my actions. Took ownership. The situation in question relates to a ticket that I received this morning on my way to teach. We may think that a situation is meaningless, that it is small and irrelevant. Each and every moment counts. Be brave – speak truth. Thank you Carolyn Anne Budgell for the book and the inspiration behind today’s class.

Here is the quote I shared and the playlist I played:

“If we can’t be 100 percent honest with ourselves, we’re wasting our time. Being completely honest with ourselves is like peeling layers from an onion. Many of the layers will being out tears of regret, humiliation and pity for what we have done. This isn’t judging anyone, not even ourselves. It is simply a clearing out. Until we can be completely honest with ourselves, the path leads nowhere. Blank. No progress. Stalemate.” Venerable Adrienne Howley

Anthem – Emancipator

Intro – Samaris

Dreams Today – Efterklang

Cloud City – Hiatus

First Snow – Emancipator

Vapour- Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Love is Won – Lia Ices

Entendre la foret pousser – Chapalier Fou

Collapse – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears – A Winged Victory for the Sullen

Below – Milosh

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