The Ground Beneath my Feet

I have always been such a gypsy, so comfortable in and with the moving, the shifting. Or at least so I thought. As a child moving and packing were the norm for me and therefore as an adult it became the norm, because that was what I was used to.

Me being comfortable with the moving and the lifestyle associated with the moving – different places to stay, cities, towns, people, suitcases and so on, began to lose its luster some years ago. I began to reflect that all of the moving made it difficult to build community for myself, a sense of belonging. I realized that in my heart of hearts, I was not a jet-setter, but more of a home body – who knew!?!?

Since coming to that realization I have been working on creating this sense of community for myself, in staying, in getting grounded in space and in place. I found the most amazing home for myself on Bowen Island, BC. I truly felt connected to the community that surrounded me. I had found a place to call home, a community within which to move, to practice and to teach. However, things have shifted, as things do, and I have found a great love or he has found me, and so I move to begin building a life with my love, which provides it’s own community – the union of two. However, it means moving away from my community on Bowen and yes, towards something else, but that something else for the moment remains unknown. This unknowing can manifest itself as feelings of destabilization and ungrounding.

I love many things about Bowen, most importantly I love the community of friends, which I have developed there and the community of yoga that exists there. As I pack up my belongings to make a move to Squamish, I am excited and perhaps a little nervous about this new community where I will be making my home.

Despite the many positives associated with moving – the clearing, the cleansing, and the purging of things that no longer serve you, that you no longer need and that may become jewels for someone else. There are also some negatives associated with moving (other than packing).

The home is part of the Muladhara Chakra, the root Chakra, where we ground and connect with our inner most sense of self – primary relationships, home life, so it does make sense that when there are shifts occurring in this area associated with moving house, physically, that we experience this shift ourselves in our daily lives by perhaps feeling a little less stable, a little less centred. This is the feeling that I am having at the moment. I am trying to lean in towards it, find a grounding in my practice – mantra I find is great for this and just sitting in stillness and breathing. I also enjoy spending time in nature, grounding by connecting to the Earth – mountains, water, trees – the splendour. Heart and mind open to the adventure that lies ahead . . . But still looking forward to getting settled into my new home

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