Tanya Skok Hobbs

Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Moving through LIfe

I believe and have experienced that the practice of yoga has the power to heal our bodies, and calm our over-active minds. I am passionate about life and the journey that lies ahead and feel that yoga is integral to that unfolding. When not on my yoga mat, I can be found playing in nature - hiking, mountain biking or skiing or snuggled up at home reading, taking long baths, caring for my garden, and spending time with those I love.



Listen deeply. Trust Yourself.

Tanya Skok Hobbs is a student of this soul journey who calls Squamish, British Columbia home.  Tanya practices and offers classes in the vinyasa (flow/slow flow) style of yoga.  If you would like to practice with Tanya, she offers public classes in Squamish, Whistler, North Vancouver and Bowen Island.  You could also join her on one of her retreats or workshops.

In the Beginning

Tanya grew up in Ottawa, Ontario acting the tomboy, She braved cold winters by skating and skiing the months away, and spent summers at the cottage playing in the forest, taking the boat out, and swimming in the lake.  This immersion in nature from an early age laid the foundation for Tanya’s current love affair with the outdoors and her decision to live in a more rural location.


As a child, Tanya traveled overseas to Russia, Europe, Central Asia and Asia.  This lit a fire within her and once she had finished her Hon.B.A. at the University of Toronto, she departed on a solo adventure that took her from Australia to Taiwan.  After her travels, Tanya decided to return to school and complete a Masters in Communications in 2009, which led her to an international career in sustainable development, social planning, and community relations.  However, she felt a need to create some change and move forward in a new direction.


How it all started

Tanya’s first true encounter with yoga was while living in Asia over a decade ago.  It wasn't love the first time she stepped onto her mat. She remembers feeling so very awkward, as yoga was so foreign to her, not counting the handful of yoga classes she took while doing her undergrad at the University of Toronto. Nevertheless, something continued to draw her back into the practice.

It wasn't until she was living abroad - working a job that she didn't love, isolated and dealing with chronic pain from an old varsity sports injury - that yoga truly revealed itself to her. Tanya committed to a daily practice - even for just ten minutes. There were no studios where she was, so she watched online videos and practiced on her own.  Things suddenly became very clear.  She quit her job and signed up for her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012 with Meghan Currie and Mark Laham.  Meghan taught her about the beauty of the vinyasa practice, and the variety of movement it offers, and Mark opened the door to the journey toward the self through the introduction of the philosophy associated with the practice. 

​Tanya enjoys integrating the yogic philosophy and teachings, as well as the aspect of devotion into her offerings. She also focuses on alignment, and encourages a tuning into ones internal intelligence so that yoga becomes a practice of feeling integrated from the inside out. She enjoys creative and playful sequencing, moving the body in new and un-patterned ways. For Tanya the breath is crucial not only to life itself, but also to developing ones practice, letting the breath guide the body through the postures, versus the mind.  The focus on the breath assists in creating a fluid and seamless practice, igniting the soul.

In Gratitude

Tanya considers her most influential teachers to be Janet Stone, with whom she is currently completing her 500-hour teacher training, Carolyn Anne Budgell, and Mark Laham.  She feels so grateful to have encountered them on this path.




Public Classes


6:30 am, Morning Yoga (Sadhana style) @ Shala Yoga, Squamish


9:15 am, Haha/Vinyasa Fusion @ Shala Yoga, Squamish


6:30 am, Morning Yoga @Shala Yoga, Squamish


6:30 am, Morning Yoga (Sadhana style) @ Shala Yoga, Squamish

5:30 pm, Vinyasa into Nidra @ Shala Yoga, Squamish


5 pm, Vinyasa @ Shala Yoga, Squamish

Private Session


a private lesson

Winter Visioning 
200 HR Teacher Training
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“You are an amazing Yoga teacher.  You have so motivated me! I was always a cardio junke. No more. Thanks for your special inspiring words.”
Lynn H.

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